Our Mission

The mission of the Autism Innovation Community Foundation is to improve the lives of individuals with autism and their families. Our Mission is to promote holistic, innovative and tech oriented autism solutions that are evidence based. This can be achieved through a variety of efforts to create a new paradigm of autism services that are designed by or with people with autism.

Raising awareness

Our Foundation aims to increase public awareness and understanding of autism. By educating the general public about autism, these organizations hope to reduce stigmatization and promote acceptance of individuals with autism.

Supporting individuals with autism

Our foundation strives to provide access to a range of services and support to individuals with autism and their families. This may include educational resources, counseling services, advocacy support, and financial assistance all through our portal the Autism Innovation Network.

Promoting Autism startups and entrepreneurs

Our Foundation will support initiatives aimed at better understanding the causes and treatments of autism. By funding innovation these organizations hope to improve outcomes for individuals with autism and their families. We fund organization that are consistent with our holistic, innovative and tech oriented solutions, that are created with/by people with autism.

Advocating for policy change

Our Foundation may also engage in advocacy efforts aimed at improving policies and services for individuals with autism. This may include working with lawmakers to develop and implement autism-friendly policies, advocating for better access to services and resources, and promoting the rights of individuals with autism.

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