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We offer access to better Autism Supports and solutions through our roster of holistic, innovative and Tech-oriented solution providers and neurodivergent employment advocates and providers.

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What it Means to be a Parent Advocate

When our daughter was diagnosed with autism we were steered towards mainstream services by people of influence in school and health care. It was a pharmaceutical option and (what can be) cookie cutter behavioral services that encouraged our daughter to do what she wasn’t comfortable doing–according to some script. You as your child’s most powerful advocate owe it to them to take a look at more holistic, innovative and tech solutions for your child–that are evidence-based.

What’s Possible with Better Autism Support Choices

Gone were the horrible side effects of the drug our daughter was taking, Adderall, which left her emaciated and stupefied; it was no wonder no one wanted to befriend our daughter in school or, later, why they bullied her. Now, she requires little supports; a combination of essential oils for her symptoms plus other less conventional solutions have allowed her to flourish. It takes time, effort, patience and tenacity and open-mindedness to be your autistic child’s advocate.