Autism Jokes May 18th, 2024 at Art & Design High School

Event description

Awtism Jokes & The NYC Autism Community Group bring you an afternoon of Stand Up Comedy about Autism from comedians who have it or have people in their lives that do. Join us for this fun evening. All proceeds go to helping the Autistic Community. 

Awtism Jokes was founded by Steve Cohen.

Steve Cohen is a stand up comedian known for his charming nature and dry wit. After several autistic people told him he was autistic last year he decided to get tested to prove them wrong. It turns out they were correct. Since then he’s gone on a journey of discovery using his sense of humor and experiences to make jokes that have gone viral on instagram and reddit. He has been a finalist at Manhattan Comedy Fest, Jersey City Comedy Fest, and Comedy Mob Fest and performed at club’s across the country.

The New York City Autism Community,  (NYC Autism Community closed group on Facebook) and the Autism Innovation Community Foundation (AICN) were both founded by Richard and Maggie Schreiber, parents of an autistic now soon to be college student. Their mission is to engage parents with more holistic, innovative and tech-oriented autism supports and to host events to bring those solutions to NYC area parents and care givers. 

This event will also provide parents with an all-star roster of autism support vendors and providers you can visit before and after the comedy show. There will also be healthy gluten free snacks on hand!

Expected comedians to appear are Ben Rosenfeld (, Michelle Lonin