Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Richard Schreiber


is the co-founder of the NYC Autism Community Group and organizer of the NYC Autism Tech, Innovation, and Careers Expo and is now the founder of the Autism Innovation Community Foundation, to support autism solutions providers who specialize in alternative, innovative or tech solutions for people with Autism.

The NYC Autism Community was founded in 2017 by Richard and Maggie Schreiber to help families with autistic members share among themselves and support one another through the sometimes arduous journey of finding the right autism support. The Autism Innovation Community Foundation is dedicated to putting on events to encourage families with autistic members to consider more holistic, alternative, tech/innovative solutions. We are a 5013C and are also dedicated to helping startups and entrepreneurs and their journey to bring their solutions to the marketplace.

In October 2022, we sponsored and organized the first annual NYC Autism Tech, Innovation, and Careers Expo. We are doing a fundraiser to raise money for our second Expo event this fall in 2023 through our new foundation the Autism Innovation Community Foundation which highlights up-and-coming innovative autism supports.

Our mission is to bring as many holistic, alternative, tech, or innovative solutions to families with members on the Autism Spectrum as affordable and accessible as possible. We will also speak out on neurodiversity employment, where it is, where it is going, and hope for the future to stimulate the employment of people with autism.


Executive Director

Gersh Academy Driver Education & Gersh Driver Education Extended Program “It is my goal to provide each student with the necessary information and techniques needed to be a safe and responsible driver.”

Joel created The Gersh Driver Education Extended Program, which is specifically designed and a one-of a-kind program for those who need an extended experience to learn how to drive and ultimately get their driver’s license, since traditional driver education programs are not designed for the roadblocks and situations that can arise from a student that needs extra attention.
Joel is also the Director of Operations and Board Member for the Autism Innovation Community Foundation, a 501 (c)(3). Their mission is to introduce holistic, alternative, tech, and innovative autism solutions and support to families with autistic members as an option vs. mainstream autism solutions.
With over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, Joel has been with Gersh since 2015, which is now the largest driver education program in the state of New York. Prior to Gersh, Joel was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the fastest- growing ignition interlock company in the country. Joel has a B.S. degree in Marketing and is also a U.S. Navy veteran. He has been with his wife of 30 years, has 2 children and 2 grandchildren.


Special Advisor

Jude Morrow is an autistic best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and keynote speaker from Derry, Northern Ireland. Jude travels the world to showcase through his talks that autistic children can grow up to live happy and successful lives. Jude’s books are published by Beyond Words, publisher of The Secret.

Jude is the founder of Neurodiversity Training International, the world’s premier autistic-led training and consultancy firm for global non-profits and Fortune 500 companies.

Jude is also a 2-time TedX speaker and nurtures parents, teachers, and professionals to develop a kinder mindset toward autistic people young and old.

Neurodiversity Training International was born out of parents and Neurodivergent adults constantly saying that there was a lack of meaningful support out there. Waiting lists for diagnostics, counseling, peer support, and all else are far too long and often financially and emotionally costly. So what we created, was the Neurodiversity Learning and Support Space – where ND Kids young and old, and their parents, could find somewhere they call home. A place where learning together and growing together can be accessible, affordable, and impactful.

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